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Here are the bonus Check lists I told you about during my teleclass. These are to thank you for joining me today.

Is adrenal fatigue causing your peri-menopausal symptoms or making your menopausal symptoms worse? I have created a special checklist so that you can assess how much stress and your diet are affecting how you feel. What you eat and your lifestyle has a great impact on how you feel during this time of life. Download my Stress Assessment Check List here.

In our 40’s and 50’s we experience changes in our hormone levels. These signs are different depending on which hormones levels are changing. I’ve also created a checklist so that you can assess what is happening to your body.  This assessment can help you tell if your symptoms are caused from peri-menopause. Download the Peri-Menopause Check List here.

Here is a recap of the bonus tips I provided during the call:

  • Crowd out bad foods like refined carbohydrates and sugars with good foods like greens and whole grains. Eat more greens! I’m not talking about ice burg lettuce or romaine lettuce. I’m talking kale, collards, broccoli, mustard greens, arugula, spinach etc. Everyone should eat greens of some type every single day. As you add in this vital living food, you will notice you have more energy and that you sleep better. Oh and if you have restless legs that might also resolve.
  • Meditation and breathing exercises have been proven to reduce stress. For the breathing exercise which can be done during stressful times like driving put the tip of your tongue behind your two front teeth and breathe in through your nose to a 4 count fully expanding your stomach. Hold that breath for a 7 count and then slowly and completely exhale through your mouth for an 8 count. Repeat this exercise 4 times and I guarantee you will feel better. It helps your body create nitrous oxide to expand all of your blood vessels to calm you down. It lowers your blood pressure too.
  • Take a walk every night after dinner. Studies have shown that those who walk after dinner lower their blood sugar.
  • The #1 reason my clients say they cannot stay asleep is because they have to get up to pee. Make sure you are drinking water throughout the day and do not drink anything within 2 hours of going to bed. If you are thirsty at night it is because you are dehydrated from not drinking enough during the day.

Remember, I am offering a FREE Hormone Balancing Break Through Session for one week only. This 30 minute call is a mini-coaching session with me where you will get to talk about your health and be coached about goals you would like to set for your future. I guarantee that you life will be forever changed after this call. This offer is good until July 2nd.

Thank you for attending my phone call or listening to the recording.

To Your Health & Happiness,